Thursday, July 17, 2008

School of Angels - 1

She listened with trepidation as the creator of the play, described to her the part that she was to play in the Drama. It was called 'School of Angels'. It was a mega-scale production already in progress and she was to join in shortly. Her role was a student Angel who was joining the School to become a Master of her own Mind. The play not only shows the progress of an Angel Student but also the challenges and failures that she faces. This Master Degree will give her complete Independence from all the previous bonds, pacts, agreements. Simple? Maybe.

There are multiple levels of challenges to this drama. Based on the material learnt and imbibed as part of the learning for the student Angel, the challenges increase. The challenges arise when the other actors on stage change dynamically, with the pre-authored purpose of pushing the student towards her goal of gaining Mastery over the Mind. This is where the author has given free choice to the actors, where , they can change their patterns of histrionics on stage, thereby making it highly demanding, mentally boggling, emotionally tiring and exhilarating at the same time for the laboring student.

This drama has now reached the pinnacle of fame worldwide. Its popularity has made it completely compelling to the audience and actors,that they do not wish to exit without acting or leave without watching the drama till the end. They go to any lengths to stay in the vicinity of the drama, which shows the addictive nature of the drama itself. When contracts expire for the actors or the Watching fee expires some people from both the groups have to leave. Based on their talent or interest, these contracts are renewed for extended periods of time.

And, there are some, who leave when they are unable to complete the challenges all the way through, as scripted by the originator. But these students, return many times, until they gain their Master's degree over the Mind. Just like in a video game, only when one level of challenge is mastered in many different ways, can the student move up to the next level. The rules of the Drama/School of Angels, shall be elaborated more in the future segments.

The Student Angel begins her role with a very simple set of rules:

Pray Daily.

Live simply.

Care deeply.

Speak kindly.

Leave the rest to the Author!

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